Meagan Landry has officially announced that she is still seeking an At-Large seat in the Newport City Council race.

Her plan? A write-in campaign.

In the September 8 statewide primary, Landry fell just 78 votes short of being among eight candidates to move on to the General Election.

Landry provided the following letter to What’s Up Newp on Tuesday evening;

“Running for office with no political experience in the middle of a pandemic, may seem crazy. It may seem even crazier after not making the top eight, that I’ve decided after some encouragement, to run a write-in campaign. The first thing I did when asked if I would, was Google if anyone has ever won. I was pleasantly surprised that the answer is yes!

I know the odds are not in my favor. I still plan on giving it my all. When I give it another go in 2022, I want you to know who Meagan Landry is. Since losing the Primary, I’ve enjoyed volunteering for other candidates. I’ve said from day one that it’s important we work together. It was seeing the recent negative campaigning, that made my decision an easy one. I’m running on principle and to hopefully build some credibility for next time.

Every resident is important to Newport’s success. It’s time we start putting our students first. All residents, from the millennials like me, to the boomers I’ve had the pleasure of talking to on the campaign trail, should be able to afford to live here.

Please vote for Meagan E. Landry!

Meagan E. Landry

The Race for Newport City Council

Eight candidates will appear on the General Election ballot for Newport City Council At-Large – Jamie Bova, Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Susan Taylor, Lynn Underwood Ceglie, Justin McLaughlin, Kevin Michaud, Elizabeth Fuerte, and Elizabeth Cullen.

Earlier this week, Justin McLaughlin announced that he has withdrawn from the race. Due to timing, his name will still appear on the ballot.

Two candidates will face off in each of the three ward races in the city.