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As a native Newporter, a non-homeowner but resident of the 3 rd Ward, an English Language  Development (ESL) teacher at Rogers High School, and a long-time bartender at the Black Pearl,  I highly recommend Paul Marshall for the position of our 3rd Ward City Council without reservation. I have been fortunate enough to have known Paul for many years. We have worked together bartending in town, traveled the world together, studied together, laughed together,  and are constantly engaging in ways to help our beloved Newport community.  

When Paul made the decision to run for office, we excitedly discussed his platform and the various ways he can contribute to the town. I expressed my frustration with the abysmal condition of Rogers, and what appears to be a lack of value for diversity and public education within the community. Prior to his announcement to run, Paul stood before the City Council in favor of putting the school bond on the ballot. He has expressed a deep commitment to helping improve Newport’s education system. Paul understands that you cannot discuss diversifying  Newport’s economy and attracting families without passing the bond to build a new High School.  

Also, as a seasonal bartender, who both appreciates and benefits from our diverse tourism economy, I am disheartened with the negative impacts it has had on our neighborhoods.  Preserving our neighborhoods is essential for our year-round economy, improving our schools,  and our housing markets. I am confident that Paul will be responsive to the needs of our neighborhoods, while also representing Newport’s economy in a balanced and sustainable way.  

We need someone who is involved in the community and committed to attending ALL City  Council meetings. We need someone who cares about Newport as a whole and recognizes the assets that a diverse population brings. If you know him or have had the opportunity to meet him, you know his passion for ALL people of this city is unmatched. I truly believe there is no ceiling on Paul Marshall’s potential as a leader in Newport.  

Join me in supporting and voting for Paul Marshall for 3rd Ward City Council.  

Nick Manson  

ELD Teacher at Rogers High School  

Bartender at The Black Pearl Restaurant 


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