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Over six years ago I wanted to meet Lauren Carson, the new candidate running in the 75 district for the General Assembly.  I  met her at a fundraiser where she was very approachable and attentive to my concern. Representative Carson proved an invaluable partner on a very important proposed change to the condo act that would have been detrimental to many condo owners.

Since then, we have remained in touch which is easy to do in Representative Carson’s case.  For the past six years, she has continually held constituents’ meetings addressing pressing issues including climate change, the Newport Bridge realignment, rising sea levels,  one with State Treasurer Seth Magaziner, tourism, funding for the arts, the marine trade industry, and even one on how the legislative process works.  This one would make an informative Civics lesson for high school students.

Representative Carson is well informed which is apparent by the ease with which she can answer constituent’s questions on these panels.  She has sponsored or co-sponsored key bills that will benefit District 75.  I trust that she will always support legislation that will help her constituents and that her decisions will be based on facts and science.  I encourage my neighbors to vote for Representative Carson in November and to attend her constituent meetings in the future.

Sandra M. Conca

Newport, RI

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