opinion Newport Rhode Island

Dear Newport Residents,

I write to you today with a passion for needed changes and a vision for the City we all live in and love.   My vision for Newport is one of affordable housing, top level education, and a flourishing economy.  2020 has been a terrible year for many reasons, but we can make it a turning point for this city. It is time for change in leadership. 

Albert Einstein said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Looking back at recent elections, I have found that some candidates are running on the same platforms as 2016!  Some in fact are even using the same advertisements!  Traffic problems have increased, tourism has gone up yet revenue has stayed the same, taxes, water and sewer bills increased.  The current council is a wall separating what Newport was 20 years ago and where it needs to go to be sustainable and vibrant into the future. What has this council done for ALL Newport residents?

It’s time for TRUE Newporters to be elected, ones who have vested interest in the future, ones that want to stay here and raise a family and keep it affordable for everyone!

If elected, I will make several resolutions on day one.  I will request a special meeting with all council members to discuss and formulate goals that the council will need to attain in the next 2 years.  We will review monthly budget updates to make sure that the city is staying within the budgets approved by the council, including the school department. It’s also time to put the shovel to the ground and move forward on the North End Project.  This Project has been studied and discussed for TOO long!   I know the great members on the Planning and Zoning boards are up to the task to get these projects approved with the North End residents’ at the table and hearing their concerns. Also, I will work tirelessly with our team on the School Committee to make sure Newport students have a new high school they deserve, that will provide the best learning environment for generations to come!

If you want change, true leadership, affordability and a TRUE Newport voice on the council I urge you to vote for me, Kevin Michaud number 8 on the ballot.

LET’S MOVE NEWPORT FORWARD!!!!!  See you at the Polls September 8th.

Thank You,

Kevin Michaud

Candidate- Newport City Council At Large