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I am writing to share my personal experience with Kate Leonard.

As a young ward 3 resident I am writing to support Kate Leonard for re-election. Kate proved herself to me and my neighbors when she helped shutdown one of the worst illegal short-term rentals in Newport, that started operating next-door to my house in 2018.

In 2018, a man from Massachusetts purchased the small 800 sq ft one-bedroom home next to my home, which I have owned and resided at since 2010. This man purchased this house with the sole purpose of renting it illegally short-term on Airbnb. Within a few weeks all of the sudden this single-family house was being occupied with groups ranging from 8 to 15 people, many only staying illegally one night, sometimes three. Myself and my neighbors were tormented by this illegal behavior, so on behalf of my neighbors I emailed the city council and city manager. Kate emailed me back within minutes. We had many conversations on the phone and via email over the eight-month period it took to fine and put an end to this illegal short-term rental.

Over this eight-month period not ONE other counselor or city manager or city solicitor ever emailed or called me back! Kate was the only ONE working to stop this illegal activity and restore order to our neighborhood. The proof is in actions, I urge you to vote for Kate Leonard, because if you have an issue she WILL help you and WILL work hard for you and WILL communicate extremely fast and effectively with you and the city to find a resolution.


Lindsey Turowski

Ward 3 Resident


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