To assist Newport voters in the upcoming Primaries (September 8) and General Election (November 3), the Alliance for a Livable Newport (ALN) today shared answers to questions that they recently asked all nineteen Newport City Council candidates.

As it has since 2008, questions were selected by ALN from the many submissions received from its members and the general public. They include each candidate’s view on the proposed $106 million construction of a new Rogers HS and Pell school expansion and whether or not they support bond approval. Other questions include proposed solutions to traffic, over reliance on tourism, future uses of the Visitor’s Center building and what community benefit agreements should be part of future north end development.

Candidate responses can now be viewed by clicking here.

A second survey of all Newport School Committee candidates will follow.

Since its founding in 2006, ALN promoted and enhanced the quality of life in Newport by providing an unbiased resource for information on issues facing our community.

Visit the ALN website,, to become a member and to make a donation in support of ongoing efforts. Or mail a check to ALN, PO Box 2636, Newport, RI a 501(c3) non-profit organization.