Governor Gina Raimondo will host a press briefing today at 1 pm to provide an update on COVID-19 in Rhode Island. Today is the big day that we expect to learn in which direction schools will go this fall.

Watch live below or on our Facebook Page. See our notes from the press briefing below the video;

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Updates From The Press Briefing

Gov: There will be a press briefing every day this week at 1 pm. The remainder of press briefing’s this week will be 15 minutes in length and will focus on a different element of school plans.

Gov: Today is primarily good news.

Gov: To put testing in perspective, per capita, Rhode Island is running twice as much as MA and 50% more than CT. As the state tests more, the Governor says the numbers will go up. As long as test positive % remains low=good + stable place.

Gov: In regards to Labor Day Weekend ahead, reminds Rhode Islanders of 15 person social gathering limit.

Gov: Starting today you can visit and reserve spaces (for free) at State Parks. Can be used by individuals, families, gyms, classes, etc.

Gov: After Labor Day, beaches will remain open, with no parking fees and no lifeguards. This year, DEM is also keeping restrooms open for two additional weeks at state parks and beaches.

Gov: On Schools – Every school district in the state of RI, with the exception of Providence and Central Falls, has the green light to reopen for in-person learning beginning September 14th. All school districts, with the exception of Providence and Central Falls, has hit the five metrics needed to reopen.

Gov: 100% of school districts have had their plans vetted by RIDE and RIDOH. Every district’s plan includes mask-wearing/social distancing requirement.

Gov: On current testing, says average test turnaround time in mid-July was five days. Says last week it was 1.8 days.

Gov: State has created an entirely separate testing system for students and teachers. There will be ten rapid testing machines across the state for those who develop systems. Testing will be available “within 15” minutes of anywhere in the state.

Gov: Private/religious schools are cleared to open for in-person learning if they wish to.

Gov: Providence and Central Falls can reopen partially. Will start with fewer students in classrooms. DOH will revisit percent positive in Providence and Central Falls to see if they can return in full in-person learning.

Gov: Schools can take up to four weeks to phase all students into school.

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