opinion Newport Rhode Island

The following Letter To The Editor was submitted by Chris Semonelli, candidate for House District 72 (Middletown, Portsmouth).

Give the Portsmouth residents the Oakland Farms traffic light they deserve and have been promised … 

At a Town meeting  on Dec 13th, 2018 the approval of a traffic light at the entrance to Oakland Farms was granted.  Attendees were told the State approved the installation for the light, and the next step would be to obtain budget approval.  The public was told they should expect money to be approved in the next year’s budget.  In addition, the best-case scenario would be for them to expect a light in 18 months … worse case, maybe 2 years.  

Since then, we have not seen any progress.  

When I am elected, I will make sure this light is installed, post haste. 

Vote for Chris Semonelli September 8th for State Representative – District 72