Newport City Hall
Newport City Hall

The lottery for Newport’s City Council Primary ballot placement was conducted this morning.

By random drawing, here is the ballot order for the primary on September 8, 2020:

CITY COUNCIL WARD 3  (Vote for 1)

  1. Kathryn E. Leonard
  2. Rachel S. Hussey
  3. Paul E. Marshall

CITY COUNCIL AT LARGE (Vote for Up to 4)

  1. Jamie P. Bova
  2. Justin S. McLaughlin
  3. Derek W. Grinkin
  4. Elizabeth Evans Cullen
  5. Lynn Underwood Ceglie
  6. Olga H. Enger
  7. Jeanne-Marie Napolitano
  8. Kevin Michaud
  9. Meagan E. Landry
  10. Elizabeth Fuerte
  11. William E. Kimes
  12. Susan D. Taylor