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Newport City Council will be hosting a Special Meeting this afternoon beginning at 4:30 pm. Proposed Budget FY 2021 and a COVID-19 Status Update are among the agenda items. This is a What’s Up Newp Live Stream.

To watch or participate in the official meeting, follow these instructions; Telephone Access is available Toll Free by dialing: 1-888-788-0099 (Toll Free) Webinar ID: 922 6938 0490

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Agenda Items & Recap

1.Proposed Budget FY 2021 (A copy is available on the city’s website)
a.Ordinance Appropriating Revenues (Second Reading)

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Motion passed 5 – 2 (Bova, McCalla nay)

b.Ordinance Amending Title 3 Personnel (Second Reading) 

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Amended to strike out position of “controller”. Amendment passes 7-0. Second Reading as amended passes 5- 2 (Bova, McCalla nay).

Amendment to Personnel Ordinance

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c.Resolution re:  Authorizing the Tax Levy

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Motion passes 5 – 2 (Bova, McCalla nay)

d.Resolution re:  Omnibus Property Tax Relief & Replacement Act

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Resolution passes 5 – 2 (Bova, McCalla nay)


2.Action Item No.  #5928/20 – RE:  Supplemental Agreement #1, Contract #19- 039 – Janitorial Cleaning Services  (w/accompanying resolution)

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Resolution passes 7 – 0.

3.COVID 19 Status Update 

Nicholson provided the following updates;

  • COVID-19 updates are now bi-weekly
  • Next Monday is a big day to watch, tail-end of phase 2 and will be watching the numbers closely.
  • Visit City of Newport’s website for summer day camp and specialty camp information.
  • Playgrounds shouldn’t be used just yet. Basketball courts are still not recommended to be used. “Maybe in Phase III”, Nicholson says.
  • Security company has hired to begin enforcing beach / COVID-19 rules at Rejects Beach beginning this weekend.
  • “We need to see more compliance with masks”, Nicholson says.

Newport Gulls, Sunset League inquired with City Manager during public questions about possible plans for playing baseball during Phase III. City Manager says he needs their plans, is hoping that some kind of games that can be played (without fans).


Councilor McLaughlin introduced a resolution that will resume in-person meeting for City Council, beginning June 24th. Meetins will be restricted to members of City Council, City Manager, City Clerk, City Solicitor, IT/Videographer, and other city staff as designated by the City Manager to facilitate the meeting, such that at no time more than 15 people are present in Council Chambers. Meeting will be available to the public in real time, members of the public will be allowed to participate remotely to the extent allowed by Council rules.

Motion was amended to resume in-person meetings on July 8th by Mayor Bova. The amendment passes 7-0.

The resolution passed as amended 7 -0.