Governor Raimondo and the the Department of Health will provide an update on COVID-19 in Rhode Island during a press briefing at 1 pm today.

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Updates from the Press Briefing

Gov: Press Briefing will take place at 1 pm on Friday. Will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week at 1 pm.

Gov: Reminds Rhode Islanders that the “virus isn’t gone”. Says even though things are opening up and returning to normal, “we’ve learned how to deal with it”. Reminds Rhode Islanders to follow the rules and advice of state, RIDOH.

Gov: 43,000 Rhode Islanders have downloaded Crush Covid app. Encourages Rhode Islanders to download the app. “It will help save live,” she says.

Gov: In regards to today’s data, says “It’s another good news day”. Although there were 14 new fatalities, most data is trending down.

Gov: On health care system – State has seen notable drops in immunizations, ER visits, primary care visits. Says “The healthcare system is not going to look the same a year from now as it did when we started this”.

Gov: Will sign Executive Order relating to support of statewide long-term healthcare plan focused on improving health for all Rhode Islanders. “We need to be there for them”, Gov. says. Will make up to 4150 million in federal aid available to them.

Gov: Announces new pediatric council, some of federal relief money will be used to support pediatric medical services. Says she is “very concerned about the fact that through the crisis we have seen childhood immunizations drop by 35 percent”. Encourages Rhode Islanders to schedule their immunizations and doctors appointments.

Gov: Has extended Telehealth and Telemedicine executive order until July 5th. Says she wants to work to make this permanent.

Gov: On nursing homes – Will continue increased pay program for low wage nursing home workers for another couple of weeks.

The Latest Local Data

RIDOH reports today that there are 100 new positive cases (total now 15,325), 14 new fatalities (total now 756), 185 are currently hospitalized (42 in ICU, 29 are on a ventilator)