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Sweet Berry Farm enters its fortieth season when it opens to the public on Friday May 22nd at 9 am. While the shopping experience will be a little different this year, customers will find the same high quality selections they have come to expect.

Due to COVID-19, here are some changes visitors can expect this season:

  • Sweet Berry Farm will be open to the public daily from 9am to 6pm until further notice.
  • There will be limited outdoor seating in compliance with safety regulations.
  • Indoor seating will not be available until further notice. 
  • Customers are asked to wear a mask and respect social distancing guidelines.

“We’re excited to reopen this Friday to welcome back our customers. Safety remains our top priority. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers who have been patient while we adjust to new procedures. One thing is for sure—we know our customers are in need of some comfort food right now and we’re ready to provide it!”, Michelle Eckhart, co-owner of Sweet Berry Farm, says in a statements. Eckhart has been providing training and protective gear to staff to ensure that both patrons and market employees are safe.

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of when Sweet Berry Farm owners Jan and Michelle Eckhart began growing their own strawberries and Christmas trees part-time as a hobby. They later expanded the farm to its current footprint in 1996 with the help of the Aquidneck Land Trust. Even though much has changed on the farm since the days of their roadside strawberry stand, the couple maintains their passion for local farming and community. 

Sweet Berry Farm says their much-anticipated strawberries will be ripening early June. The farm’s kitchen will be preparing baked goods made with Sweet Berry’s freshly picked strawberries. Strawberry-themed items will include strawberry scones, strawberry bread and strawberry jam, and a build-your-own strawberry shortcake kit complete with house-made shortcakes, whipping cream, and a pint of fresh strawberries. 

Jan Eckhart, co-owner, says picking will be open to the public as long as safety guidelines are met. “We know our supporters are eager to come berry picking and we’re happy to invite them back. Our farm crew will help establish guidelines to ensure everyone is safe while having fun.”

For more info, visit http://www.sweetberryfarmri.com/

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