For weeks, maybe months, I’ve sat here reading about, hearing about, and writing about how local businesses, nonprofits, and residents are struggling, hurting, stretched thin, and worried about what’s to come.

Businesses are hurting, struggling, and trying to find their way in this new normal. Nonprofits have had to cancel popular spring and summer fundraisers that brought in a large portion of their annual revenue, all while some are providing more services to our neighbors than they ever have before.

What’s Up Newp is also hurting. In general, about 75% of our revenue comes from advertising and about 25% from What’s Up Newp Supporters – readers who financially support us with a one-time or recurring contribution.With businesses closed, events canceled and the future unknown, What’s Up Newp has lost the vast majority of our planned income for the year.

Businesses and nonprofits also need help getting the word out about what they are doing and offering in this new COVID-19 world.

Let’s work together and rebuild together.

Today, What’s Up Newp is introducing “We’re In This Together Community Program”. There are two important parts to this program, each option supports our community in big ways overall.

This program allows What’s Up Newp Supporters to support local businesses, nonprofits, and What’s Up Newp.

Beginning May 1st, and every month throughout the remainder of the year, we’ll match total contributions with an advertising credit for one local nonprofit and one local business, both who will provide essential employment, services, and support to our community.

How It Works: At the end of each month, we’ll email supporters that became a What’s Up Newp Supporter that month and ask them to submit one local nonprofit and one local business that they’d like to see receive support/an advertising credit from us. We’ll tally that up and pick one local business and one local nonprofit either by popularity or at random to split that advertising credit (for example – if What’s Up Newp supporters give $1,000 in June, one business and one nonprofit will each receive a $500 advertising credit to use at their discretion).

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This program also offers an opportunity for business owners to promote their business, support What’s Up Newp, AND give back to our community.

Beginning May 15th and for the remainder of the year, What’s Up Newp is offering local and independent businesses the opportunity to advertise their business on our website at any rate that they can afford.

That’s right, we’re going back to the old honor system. Every advertisers in this program will receive the same opportunity to reach our readers, no matter what they spend and can afford.

This program offers the opportunity to run one 728×90 banner ad and/or one 300×300 square ad on All ads in this program will have run of site and will be be rotated evenly.

We have heard how difficult this time is for businesses and can only imagine what businesses are going through. We mean it when we say pay what you can.

When businesses participate in this program, they’ll be accomplishing three things:

  1. You’ll be advertising your business on Newport County’s most-read and most-engaging locally owned and independent news source. In the last 12 months (May 1st, 2019 – April 30, 2020) more than 759,197 unique visitors visited, resulting in more than 1.9 million pageviews. See our media kit here
  2. You’ll be supporting What’s Up Newp and our working to bring journalism, news, and information to your neighbors and the communities that we serve.
  3. Local nonprofits will have the opportunity to advertise on our site for free because of your support. Example – let’s say a business spends $200 per month in our program. Along with advertising their business, we will also make a $200 advertising credit available for a nonprofit of the business’s choice or one that we feel needs the help if the business chooses for us to decide on a nonprofit.

A few important notes;

  • Businesses MUST provide the ads that they wish to run in sizes 728×90 and/or 300×300 in jpg or gif format (use Canva if ya need a tool).
  • This program is also available to all current What’s Up Newp advertisers. Our current and most recent past advertisers will also receive exclusive advertising opportunities (check your email in the coming days).
  • Our pay what you can offer is only eligible for display advertising at this time.
  • Political/election advertising is not eligible in this program and offer.
  • What’s Up Newp reserves the right to deny any advertisement that goes against our editorial and community standards.

If there is a nonprofit or philanthropic neighbor in our community who would like to participate in this program, get in touch! The roles could certainly be reversed if a nonprofit or individual wanted to support a business or any other sort of combo.

The months and year ahead will certainly be difficult, I believe the best way to move forward today, tomorrow, and the next day is by coming together and working together to support each-other in any way possible.

Your neighbor,

~ Ryan Belmore

Owner, What’s Up Newp

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Ryan Belmore is the Owner and Publisher of What'sUpNewp.  Belmore has been involved with What’sUpNewp since shortly after its launch in 2012, proudly leading it to be named Best Local News Blog in...