So, a column came in the other day trashing President Trump, and an op-ed came in this morning trashing the Democrats. And the pandemic continues, without choosing a political party to attack or support. We are house bound for the most part until this deadly and persistent virus subsides. Politicians and would-be political pundits step aside, it’s time for COVID-19 to dictate what happens.

We can only hope that government programs are enacted that can thwart the spread of the coronavirus, and that individuals adhere to what the scientists are telling us are the best ways to mitigate its spread. In other words, get out of the way of those who have the best chance of providing us with the knowledge we need to make progress.

The thing is the column and op-ed didn’t come from politicians but from individuals who have anointed themselves worthy observers of the political scene. Too often their characterizations fall short, reasoning purely based upon their own political predilections. 

It really is long overdue to get politics out of this debate. We don’t need politicians running from responsibility or trying to shift blame or manipulating legislation to favor one group over another.

We need for those politicians who talk about bipartisanship to mean it, who talk about cooperation to mean it, who talk about all of us being in this together to mean it. But we also need to recognize that segments of our society are going to be effected differently, and as we propose and pass legislation, we need to consider those differences.

So, here’s my plea. Let’s put the scientists, the real doctors at center stage, helping to guide us through this maze, and providing a proper timeline for us to begin opening states, to begin reviving our economy.

We don’t need television docs like Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Phil McGraw (who, by the way, is not licensed to practice in any state) to tell us what we should or should not do. Both made light of COVED-19. In Oz’s case urging schools reopen even if the mortality rate is 2 to 3 percent and McGraw saying “we don’t shut the country down” for auto accidents, deaths from cigarettes and even drownings, later to admit to inflating some of the numbers.

Oz and McGraw are articulate, charismatic, and portray themselves as experts. Many people follow their every word, and with that should come a huge sense of responsibility, but instead it has resulted in misleading and damaging statements. 

Ratings and politics are virtually the same. They seek for the greatest level of approval at whatever expense.

There will be plenty of time for politics, and there’s a proper place for it. This is a highly political year, a presidential campaign, lots of state and local elections. Politics will take center stage.

For now we need to remain focused on what the experts tell us is the best way for us to help and keep the virus from spreading, and see it subside. We need to call out those who would do otherwise.