Newport Daffodil Days Festival

by John Hirschboeck, Daffodillion Project Director

With only a short time before Newport’s daffodil blooms fade, Daffodillion and the City of Newport are inviting residents to hand-cut daffodil flowers for themselves or their loved ones to enjoy and to then support those in need during the pandemic.

The attached map indicates public areas where thousands of daffodils are now available for “harvesting.” Walk or bike to these areas with a pair of your own sharp scissors. Maintain safe distances, wear a mask and…

Cut the fleshy stem as close to the base of the leaves as possible. Cut only the stalk and flower — “leave the leaves” so the blooms can return next year.

Take a picture with your daffodil bouquet (wearing your mask) and post on Instagram:

In return for the bouquet of flowers, Daffodillion is requesting a donation to one of three charities in critical need of support during the pandemic:

·      Martin Luther King Center

·      Rhode Island Community for the Homeless

·      Newport Mental Health

A Daffy Pin for your Donation

In appreciation for a donation, receive a Daffodil Pin (normally $5) found in a yellow hat hanging on a daffodil wreath on the big tree in front of 410 Gibbs in Newport, four houses in from Memorial Blvd. on the east side of the street. Each pin is polybagged for safety.


Stay safe, enjoy and contribute – Brighter Days Ahead

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