In partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newport County, the team at Fifth Ward chicken shop Winner Winner is helping members of the community in need during the COVID-19 pandemic with Buckets of Love. The restaurant is offering customers a “Bucket of Love” for $25. With each purchase, Winner Winner will provide a dinner for four to a family in need. We connected with Winner Winner Managing Partner Steve Yerger via email today and he told us that as of today, March 31st, 2020, Winner Winner has sold 370 Buckets of Love at the store.

Yerger said the Buckets of Love promotion was the brainchild of their landlord Steve Ramponi. “He wanted to make meals available to people who needed them in a pay it forward kinda way,” Yerger said. “Winner Winner is just a vehicle for his great idea and other people to do something nice. We’re just frying the chicken!”Winner Winner has cut its hours and reduced its menu this month.370 buckets of love have been sold to date.

We asked Yerger if there was anything he wanted the community to know at this time. He said: “Just do your best, be patient and have some perspective.”

Winner Winner’s current operating hours are Wed-Fri, 2pm-9pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-9pm. The Buckets of Love logo was designed by Shore Creative.

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