Pictured: Simpatico Owner and General Manager Amy Barclay and her late husband, Ben, who passed away last year after battling cancer.

Amy Barclay, Owner and General Manager of Simpatico on Jamestown tells us that the restaurant will provide free meals to Jamestown residents who are elderly, immunocompromised or have special needs. Pick-up will be at the concrete ramp in front of the restaurant starting at 1:00 pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’re unable to drive, Simpatico will deliver.

From her Facebook post:

“On Monday 3/23, Tuesday 3/24 and Wednesday 3/25, Simpatico is offering curbside pickup of luncheon portions to Jamestown residents who are seniors, immunity-compromised or have special needs at NO CHARGE throughout the self-quarantine period (or as long as they let us !)

On the menu:

1. Grilled boneless CHICKEN breast with creamy mashed potatoes, sautéed green beans + side of house-made gravy. *Gluten-free option without the gravy.

2. Atlantic SALMON (prepared medium) with jasmine rice + sesame sautéed vegetables; glaze will be served on the side. *Gluten-free option without the glaze.

3. BOLOGNESE! Classic, rich preparation of rigatoni simmered with ground beef, veal, hot + sweet sausage, cream, red wine + seasonings.

*Rolls + butter upon request !

**You may request NO ADDED SALT to the chicken or salmon.

“YEP…WE’VE GOT TOILET PAPER + HAPPY TO SHARE, UPON REQUEST, WE WILL pack with your meal for pickup (Never thought I would type that !!)”


“We are preparing all meals from our commercial kitchen with Department of Health sanitized equipment, kitchen-dedicated clothing, food-safe gloves and masks for your safety,” Barclay said.

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