The following was written by Middletown-resident Suzanne McDonald. McDonald is a former Boston Globe journalist and is the founder of Newport Interactive Marketing networking-learning community. 

This is a follow up to her story on March 18th – Guest View – Suzanne McDonald: I’m writing to you from day 6 of DOH-mandated quarantine

The outpouring of support during my 6 days and 3 hours of isolation as I awaited COVID-19 test results has been astounding and affirming that here on Aquidneck Island, we can stay ahead of this global pandemic. 

First, please stay vigilant! 

The more we stay home, the faster we can put this behind us, keeping our healthcare system intact and stemming the needless loss of life. It only works if we all quarantine, in essence, and only if we all do it — if not a week ago or yesterday then now. Choose life — even if yours is not at risk. 

Today, the amazing R.I. Department of Health professionals called with my results — negative! 

Such a relief since I potentially risked my 79-year-old mother and my 7-year-old and husband. And countless friends and other members of our amazing Aquidneck Island community. 

BUT we are not out of the woods yet

If you’ve seen any of my social media posts, I’ve been campaigning for awareness and caution to #FlattenTheCurve. I’m hopeful by making my DOH status public, which no one is required to do, saves lives, especially health care professionals’ lives. 

As a marketing solutionist, I’ve spent the past decade interpreting human behavior. Never have these skills and insights been more crucial — even in a time when it feels as if my business will collapse and there’s no need real need for digital marketing skills. But you can use these skills for good, too. 

What you can do now

Use your influence to encourage friends, loved ones, and everyone to stay safe and vigilant.

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The technology curve applies in this uncertain time. Why? After some time, people will waver in their decisions and second-guess. Sadly there are still some deniers — aka late adopters or laggards — out there. 

We need to check on people to affirm their decisions to stay safe. Again #FlattenTheCurve. 

You may see my negative results as a false alarm. This is false and should not offer any form of security. I’m simply the leading edge of this pandemic’s emergence into Rhode Island. 

You can make a difference 

Rhode Island leads the nation in its response. Let’s each do our part as to keep it that way. We all have a role to play. We are all influencers. Use your powers for good. We are all facing significant financial impact. Now we must overlook this sad fact and focus on saving our health care workers. 

Can you do more?

Aquidneck Pediatrics posted to social media a call for gloves, alcohol wipes, masks, and more. Can you share your supply now that you know your family is home in safety and will not venture out? 

Is there a denier you could call and offer swaying data or at least show you care? An older person to check in with? Someone who suffers from anxiety on a normal day, and no one else may know? Give those people a call. 

Pause and focus on what really matters

After not hugging my child for a week, I’m spending tonight cooking for my family and cuddling while watching her favorite cartoon. 

I wish for you to do something that’s meaningful to you. There will be plenty of time in the coming slowdown to rebuild our businesses and livelihoods and we will emerge stronger sooner if we act now. 

Be well and do good,


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