To say that we’re living in a unprecedented time would absolutely be an understatement. Most businesses are closed, the healthiest option for us is to lock ourselves in our homes, and we don’t know when any of it is going to end.

But in tough times there are always those who step up, go above and beyond, and do something that many of us others would never think about doing.

We want to hear about those people. The unsung heroes.

According to Grammarist, a unsung hero is “a person who has achieved great things or committed acts of bravery or self-sacrifice, yet is not celebrated or recognized. An unsung hero may be someone who acts bravely in battle without notice, or someone who sacrifices himself for the good of the group, without recognition”.

We also believe those unsung heroes can be anyone who is making life better, easier, or possible during this difficult time for their family, neighbors, and community.

There are a lot of great people doing great things out there. Today, we’re launching a platform where you can tell us about those people, businesses, and organizations that are making a positive impact when it matters most.

We want to share the news of your unsung hero with everyone in Newport County and Rhode Island through What’s Up Newp and What’s Up Rhode Island. We want to help make them a celebrated hero.

Use the link below to fill out a form where you can tell us about someone who has had a positive impact on your life since this outbreak began.

Tell Us About Your Unsung Hero

Ryan Belmore is the Owner and Publisher of What'sUpNewp.  Belmore has been involved with What’sUpNewp since shortly after its launch in 2012, proudly leading it to be named Best Local News Blog in...