As one of the top wedding destinations in the country and home to America’s Most Romantic Hotel (???? The Chanler at Cliff Walk), we know our City-by-the-Sea has been a big part of more than a few love stories.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked readers to tell us their Newport love stories for the chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to your favorite Newport date spot.

Congratulations to the winner: Erin Murdock!

Scroll on to read a few Newport love stories that will warm your heart on a cold February day.

“My husband and I met at a hotel bar in Newport in September of 2008. I was living in New Jersey at the time and was visiting Newport with some of my Boston friends. He was living in Wyoming (where he’s from!) and had recently joined the local RI National Guard Unit. He told me he was deploying to Afghanistan and I thought we’d never see each other again. Well, we exchanged numbers and visited each other a handful of times before his deployment. We even got engaged before he left! When he returned he moved to New Jersey to be with me. Fast forward 7 years later…after getting married, living in 3 states, and having a baby boy…and we ended up moving to Newport in August of 2015. This August we will celebrate our 5th year of living on the island and in September we celebrate 12 years since our first meeting in Newport! ❤️”

– Submitted by Carisa Komp Curtis on Facebook

“I was stationed there in the early 90’s and my then girlfriend would sometimes come up to visit me. I would always have duty on Christmas day so would have to stay on the ship. We always loved seeing the ocean. On December 26, 1993 I asked her to marry me while watching the ocean at the end of Ledge Road and she actually said yes! I think it was because of the view haha. We got married inn March of ’96 and are still married with the kids and still visit Newport a few times a year. Now my kids love it as much as I do!”

– Submitted by @arrrrhindley11 on Instagram

“My fiancé has lived in NPT for the past 9 years. I went to visit NPT with a mutual friend who introduced us and have been together since that day. The night we met we went to The Red Parrot and Speak Easy. Our second date was a day on First Beach. This summer we got engaged at Peabody’s Beach after eating dinner at Sweetberry Farm! He still lives in NPT????”

– Submitted by @sdulls on Instagram

“My father was born and raised in Newport. My mother was born and raised in NYC but her father was a butler both of her parents worked every summer at Miramar. My mother fell in love with Newport and worked at Bailey’s beach each summer of college. When they met, my father was in the Marine corps and back in Newport in leave. My mother happened to be visiting Newport and they met each other at Cappy’s. They started dating long distance and got engaged. My mother flew all the way to the Philippines to marry him. Well she just passed away in October after 53 years of marriage. Our family has always stayed close to Newport, and I was fortunate enough to have bought my Grandfather’s house several years ago. Four generations of our family have grown to love this special place.”

– Submitted by Barbara Capochiano Brown on Facebook

“My husband and I are from Illinois and honeymooned in Newport. We loved it so much that we decided to return every 5 years. We’ve been back every five years of our 25 year marriage (with one bonus trip). Last summer we were back with our four kids and attended the Newport Folk Festival for the first time. It was amazing!”

– Submitted by Kathy Hardgrove Gilles on Facebook

“I was doing a summer internship for grad school in Providence. He was doing training in Newport for the Navy in the summer too. We met in Newport. Spent the whole summer exploring RI, going on dates, falling love. When it was time to go back home, we decided to continue dating long distance! Fast forward two years. We’ve since moved together and gotten engaged. Then for his last duty in the Navy…we get posted in the one and only Newport. Full circle! We are now living in the city we first met and will be getting married later this year. ????” – Submitted by @amollerz on Instagram

“My husband and I did long distance on and off for five years, I was in CT and he was in PA. We got engaged and decided to both move to a new place and ended up here. Since I was closest I was the one that got us an apartment and my husband’s first time ever crossing the bridge was to move in with me! We got married on our seven year anniversary this past summer and are loving living here for over a year now.”

– Submitted by Rebecca Zaylor on Facebook

“When my boyfriend joined the Navy, I wasn’t sure we’d make it. I served myself, and honestly? Military life is not conducive to healthy relationships. But I got in the car and drove across the US to be here when he graduated from OCS at NS Newport. I’ll never forget when I drove across the Pell Bridge for the first time, or watched him graduate all fancy in his whites, or saw the sunset over the same bridge while a clam bake simmered on the grill. The Navy pulled us away from Aquidneck Island for a few years, but we were back the second he got out. It’s our home forever.”

– Submitted by Erin Murdock on Facebook

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