Just one night after Newport School Committee voted 5-1 to approve submittal of the Rhode Island Dept of Education Stage II application to build a new high school and construct an addition at Pell Elementary School, Newport City Council had their say on the application.

After much comment and discussion from the public and among City Council, Council ultimately voted 5-2 to move the application forward. Councilor’s McLaughlin and Leonard voted against moving the application forward.

The estimate for a new Rogers High School would be approximately $103 million, while the addition at Pell Elementary School would be approximately $9 million.

“If the Council approves the application, it will then be submitted to RIDE for review and approval. After that, the next step would be for the Council to vote on putting the school construction bond question on the November ballot, which would allow the public to make the final decision,” Mayor Bova wrote in her “Mayor’s Update” on Sunday night.  

Video Of Full Discussion & Meeting

The discussion on the application begins around 22:00:00 and ends around 1:11:00.

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What’s Up Newp was the only media outlet present for the nearly three hour long meeting. We’ll have more information on what else was discussed and approved at the meeting in a short time.

Editor’s Note – This story is developing. What’s Up Newp will follow up with more information and feedback.