On November 29th, Newport welcomed its newest fitness business to town when Wave Cycle, an indoor cycling studio, opened at 198 Thames Street.

What’s Up Newp recently caught up with Brian at Wave Cycle to learn a little more about their business and indoor cycling.

What’s Up Newp (WUN): Tells us about Wave Cycle – where did the idea come from, who’s behind it, and why you picked Newport?

Wave Cycle (Wave): WAVE was a dream brought to life by Chloe and myself. Chloe had been teaching for a number of years and we had taken countless classes, both together, and on our own. We finally decided to take everything we had learned and create our own unique welcoming space for everyone. Newport has always been very close to my heart. I spent a lot of time down here growing up visiting family and hanging at the beach. Chloe and I have been coming down here for a number of years ourselves now and always talked about how much of a dream it would be to one day live down here.  

WUN: What should beginners to indoor cycling know?

Wave: Don’t be intimidated and to come ready to sweat! We ride as one to the beat of the music, with absolutely no competition. Everyone is different and we want everyone to enjoy the ride first and foremost. All our instructors and front desk team are amazing and will be there to help you check in, set up your bike and make sure you are all set for your WAVE Ride. Riding at your own pace and modifying moves is never a problem. So I would say to beginners – DON’T BE INTIMIDATED. Show up for you, crush your goals and have fun. This is a SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE and all fitness levels. Everyone is here to support you! 

WUN: Can you tell us about the classes? Are there different types of classes?  

WAVE: We offer our signature class -WAVE RIDE! This is a full 45 min indoor cycling class combining rhythm-based choreography, high intensity intervals and light upper body strength training. Every ride will be a unique experience where music and movement come together to push you mentally and physically. Think dance party on a bike with awesome music, black lights and a room full of people supporting you on your goals. A WAVE RIDE is for beginners and experienced riders alike. Get ready to Ride The WAVE!

WUN: Can you tell us about your hours, what people should bring, and is it ok to drop in or required to make reservations? Changing rooms, etc? Include anything you want there.

WAVE: We generally start our first classes of the day around 6am/7am with a lunch break class. Evening classes start around 4:30/5pm and run through 8pm. You can definitely drop in and ride as long as there is room! We love new riders. You can also create an account and sign up on our website, www.wavecyclestudio.com. We do offer our own iOS App in the Apple App Store. A quick search for “wave cycle” will bring you right to the app for downloading. From there and also on the website, you create your account, log in and can find the specific class you want to attend. You are also able to book the specific bike in the room that you want to ride on. You can even book a guest spot for a friend. 

Our schedule goes live each Sunday at 12pm EST and you are able to book into the upcoming weeks classes. (Sunday – Sunday). Again, drop-in’s are ALWAYS welcome.

We do require each rider to clip into the pedals for the ride, so we do offer TIEM shoe rentals for one dollar ($1).  FREE FOR ALL FIRST TIME RIDERS

We have 3 changing rooms (“1st, 2nd and 3rd Beach”), generous amounts of cubbies for storing all of your items while you ride, a brand new bathroom and shower (stocked with all amenities), as well as a “Get Ready to Go” counter stocked with dry shampoo, deodorant, hair straightener and blow dryer. We have a station to fill your water and the friendliest staff to help you with any questions. 

WUN: Anything else you want to add?

WAVE: We have actually updated our STANDARD pricing (we think its very rider friendly now). They are up to date on the website.

On top of that, we also offer a 20% Student Discount and a 10% discount for all Military/First Responders and Spouses as well.

Wave Cycle is located at 198 Thames Street, online at wavecyclestudio.com, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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