Selecting the venue to host one of the most significant days of your life not only establishes the ambiance for your wedding weekend but also reflects your personal style and preferences. Many couples opt for unique and intimate locations, such as their private residence or a beloved childhood home, to create a truly memorable experience for their guests.

Our friends at Blackstone Caterers have seen so many versions of how couples keep track of their RSVP’s and meal counts when they have a plated dinner. Today, Blackstone shares some tips on how to keep track of all of this information:

  • Make a Excel Spreadsheet
    • It is the easiest way to keep track of all guests and their meals because you can have this add it up for you instantly with just a few formulas. It can be quickly revised if you create it through your Gmail account in your Drive!
  • Number each RSVP card on the back
    • Label each guest with their own number and when the cards come back with their selection but no name (this happens more than you expect!) then you can easily match who it belongs to!
  • Instruct your guests to put their initials next to the entrée they select
    • Once you make your excel sheet you can separate each guest (even if they are a couple) so they have their own entrée counted for and allergies are specifically noted!
  • Allergies
    • Have a line at the bottom of your RSVP card to instruct guests to write down their allergies or food restrictions and a column made in your Excel spreadsheet to keep track of each guest!
  • Once RSVP’s start coming in, put them in the sheet right away
    • Those little cards can be misplaced very easily so it may be best to put them into your spreadsheet as quickly as you can! Again, it can be quickly done if you use your Gmail Drive account!
  • Separate by Table
    • Once you have all of your RSVP’s in, start planning out your floor plan and assigning guests to their tables! This will make it a breeze for your caterer to find each guest at their tables and bring them their selected entrée! 

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Blackstone Caterers, Southern New England’s premier catering company, is consistently named one of the best caterers in Rhode Island, is locally owned, and is based in Middletown.

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