While planning my June 2020 wedding, the question of whether to have a First Look have come up from the photographer, venue, wedding planner, and almost everyone else involved in the big day.

With the question on whether to have a First Look or to wait until the moment we walk down the aisle to see each other for the first time on our wedding day, I turned to our friends at Blackstone Caterers for what they think of the idea of a First Look.

Blackstone Caterers gives us the following reasons why a First Look on your wedding day may be a good idea;

  • More portraits together
    • The first look gives the opportunity to have more photos together right before you’re a newlywed couple. It also gives the opportunity to have more intimate photos without the feeling of rushing around or ‘posing’ for the perfect shot. Plus, you can pick a special place at your venue to share this moment!
  • Eases nerves leading up to the biggest part of the wedding day
    • On the biggest day of your life, there will be so many feelings you will have to navigate through and having the first look might ease those nerves. It can save plenty of tissues for you to use during your ceremony as well!
  • An intimate moment is shared in privacy
    • If you opt to do a first look, the very first time you will set eyes on each other will be when you’re in front of all of your family and friends. Having a first look will keep the moment intimate and you won’t even notice your photographer and/or videographer snapping and filming away.
  • There is no rushing throughout the day
    • Everyone says your wedding day goes by in a flash, and everyone is right. Having the opportunity to take photos before your ceremony saves a lot of time to concentrate on talking with your loved ones that made their travels to your big day. The timeline can be easily manipulated when having a first look, so you are not pulled in every direction the day of the wedding. Whereas if you do not have a first look, photographers/videographers may pull you away more during cocktail hour and dinner to get sunset photos.

Blackstone also adds that if you are still trying to decide with your fiancé about having a first look, there are plenty of alternatives without having to see each other before the ceremony. There is the “first touch” or reading your cards to each other. The “first touch” can be with your backs together and just holding hands, or hiding behind a door and holding hands. If you wanted to do something else special, you can read your heartfelt cards you wrote to each other (cue the tears). It makes a special moment for you two to share, but also gives great photo opportunities!

Thanks Blackstone Caterers for the info. On a personal note, my fiancee and I have decided to do a First Look when we get married at Fort Adams next June!

For more info on Blackstone Caterers and the services they provide for weddings and special events, visit http://www.blackstonecaterers.com/ .


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