Choosing the venue to host one of the most important days of your life sets the tone for what your guests can expect for your wedding weekend. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for couples to host their wedding at either their private home, or one of their childhood homes. It can be a daunting check list of things you will need for the big day, but our friends from Blackstone Caterers are here with a few reasons why they love private home weddings (and you should too!):

  1. Make it your very own
    • There are many venues with lots of rules and restrictions to abide by, but at your very own private home you never have to get permission for how you’d like to decorate. A tent is a blank slate and it can be created to your exact vision without the worry of abiding by rules.
  2. Flexibility in arriving early and staying later
    • Since it is your own property, you can wake up on-site the day of your wedding and not hassle with transportation! At the end of the night, you won’t have to worry about packing items up to remove off the property (like most venues) and can have guests stay long after vendors leave for the night. Plus, you’ll be able to witness all of the magic unfolding in your backyard!
  3. Creating a memory/legacy to last a lifetime
    • Hosting any holiday or event is special when it is in your very own home, and a wedding should be just as important. This can be a tradition to pass down for generations to come if the property stays within your family. Who would not love to have such a special memory made in their very own backyard?!

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