The 10th Annual Three Angels Fund Fundraiser is just a few short days away! Are you ready? We caught up with Three Angels Fund to bring your attention to something about the Three Angels Fund that you may not know.

Everyone knows (or should know) about the support they give to the Lifespan Cancer Institute at Newport Hospital, but some are not aware that they help those in the Aquidneck Island community with cancer in another way. In 2015, they established the Three Angels Community Giving Program. Since this program’s inception, they have given away more than $60,000 to individuals and families with cancer.

All of us know the unbelievable physical toll that cancer takes, but behind what you can see is the invisible mental toll it takes on the person and their entire support network. Life as you know it changes and the stress at times becomes unbearable, while the financial burdens seem to increase exponentially.

The Three Angels Fund founded the Three Angels Community Giving Program to help ease some of the financial burden brought about by a cancer diagnosis. Some of the requests they get are easy for us to fulfill and others break their hearts because they know that we can never provide enough to the family suffering.

If you can’t attend the event, please consider making a tax deductible donation by visiting their website

The Three Angels Fund is a volunteer-based organization and the money you give stays locally. Your donations fund the Three Angels Community Giving Program and are needed more than ever this year due to an increase in requests.