The Senate Committee on Environment and Agriculture is scheduled to meet Wednesday to consider legislation that would curtail the use of plastic straws in restaurants, as well as hear testimony on other proposed legislation.

 The meeting will take place Wednesday, May 29, at the rise of the Senate (about 5 p.m.) in Room 211 on the second floor of the State House.

The committee is scheduled to vote on a bill (2019-S 0202A) introduced by Senate Majority Leader Michael J. McCaffrey (D-Dist. 29, Warwick) that would prohibit a food service establishment from providing a consumer with a single-use plastic straw, unless the straw is from a self-service dispenser or the consumer requests such a straw.

The committee will also vote on legislation (2019-S 0410) introduced by Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio (D-Dist. 4, North Providence, Providence) that would create the Plastic Waste Reduction Act designed to reduce the use of plastic bags by retail establishments by offering recyclable bag options and providing penalties for violations.

The committee will also vote on legislation (2019-S 0661) introduced by Committee Chairwoman V. Susan Sosnowski (D-Dist. 37, South Kingstown, New Shoreham) that would require municipalities to adopt comprehensive solar ordinances promoting development on brownfields, landfills, superfund sites, gravel pits, parking lots, and minimizing impacts on housing development.