The City of Newport is addressing the signs on trees in King Park that say in-part “this tree was deliberately poisoned”.

In the announcement, the City states;

“Just about a year ago, we discovered that a number of trees in King Park had been deliberately poisoned.

While we were forced to immediately remove and replace several trees last year, we’ve been keeping a close eye on several more with the hope that they might pull through.

Unfortunately, we’re sad to say that it appears as though a number of others are also now succumbing to the 2018 poisoning, with two already dead and another pair that appear headed in that direction.

Last week, in an effort to raise awareness about the issue and hopefully spur new leads in what remains an unresolved case, we posted signage on some of those remaining poisoned trees looking for help.

If you know anything about the incident, please feel free to contact Scott Wheeler, our Superintendent of Park, Grounds and Forestry at 845-5802 or Any information would be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to donate funds to help plant replacement trees, please visit the Newport Tree Society website at