City Council closes in on increasing parking ticket fines from $25 to $40

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This story was originally published on April 25th. It has been updated to reflect the Newport City Council vote on May 23rd.

At their May 23rd Regular Council Meeting, Newport City Council voted 5-0 to approve Ordinance Amending Chapter 1.14 entitled, “Specific Penalties for Certain Violations” (First Reading).

This ordinance amendment would increase parking ticket violations from $24 to $40. The ordinance will have a second hearing and vote on June 12th.

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Previous communication from the City Manager and documents voted on by Council stated that the increase would be to $45.


Original Story

Newport City Council voted 6-1 on Wednesday, April 24th to accept a memorandum from the City Manager and to move forward to draft resolutions that would move parking ticket expenses to the general fund, increase the parking fee from $25 to $45, and would split cash/investments over $4.7 million between the parking fund and general fund.

While the parking fee will be increased from $25 to $45, handicap parking tickets would remain at $100, and a resident sticker parking find would remain at $50.

The changes are expected to generate another $470,000 for the City per year.

Councilor McLaughlin voted against, with all other councilor’s voting for.

Full Text Of Communication


Video on this starts at 2:05.

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