It’s been two months since a natural gas outage resulted in the loss of heat and hot water for thousands of Newport residents and businesses.

On Thursday, the City of Newport released a survey in the hope of learning more about the kind of impact that the outage had on area residents, employees, and business owners.

According to City Manager Joseph Nicholson, the survey serves as one component of an after-action analysis intended to evaluate the City’s response to the crisis and provide recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the City’s emergency management practices.

“The community’s response to the gas outage was truly remarkable but I think it’s vital that we continue to learn from this experience,” he said in a press release. “I would encourage anyone that was affected by the outage to go online and fill out a survey. The more that we understand about this last event, the better we can prepare for the next time.”

Anyone interested in  having their voice heard is encouraged to visit the City’s website, or access the survey directly at

Responses will be held in the strictest of confidence and data from the survey will be included in a report being compiled by City staff.