Rogers High School Science Fair Winners: Left to Right: Eleni Cooper, Ella Walker, Emma O'Loughlin, Lauren Martland, Will Serth, Michael Weaver, Mikayla Ventura, Abigail Mosher, Grey Aycock, Gabrielle Cesarini

Rogers High School announced today in a press release the winners of the annual science fair.

“Scoring was extremely close as many projects were judged to be outstanding by the volunteer judges from the community including Salve Regina University, URI, INSPIRE environmental, UMass Dartmouth, the Highlander Institute, Thompson Middle School, The Norman Bird Sanctuary, NUWC, retired faculty and RHS alumni,” the release states.

This year also featured the first repeat winner in Gray Aycock with his work on Electromagnetic fields. 

The winners will represent Rogers High School at the state science fair competition in March at CCRI. This years’ winners are:

Science Fair Category

·         Grey Aycock – The Interaction of EMF’s

·         Isaac Cardello – Are Basic Dictionary Attacks Effective Against Randomly Generated Passwords?

·         Gabriella Cesarini – Which Sports Drink Has the Most Electrolytes?

·         Eleni Cooper – Applying Shoe Insert Technology to Pointe Shoes

·         Abigail Mosher – Hydroponics vs. Aquaponics

·         Emma O’Loughlin – Liquids vs. Tooth Enamel

·         Will Serth – The Most Efficient Bridge

·         Mikayla Ventura – Can Peppermint Improve Reaction Times?

Honorable Mention

·         Emma Leach – Can you Really Taste the Rainbow?

·         Jordan Miner – The Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties of Neem

·         Michael Weaver – Dyeing Rock Salt and its Impact on Ice Melting

Engineering Fair Category

·         Lauren Martland – Self-charging Electric Car

·         Ella Walker – Baby Safety Wedge