On January 7th, the Newport Waterfront Commission will be holding a public workshop to discuss proposed updates to the current Newport harbor mooring ordinances.

Notice of Public Workshop

Newport Waterfront Commission
Newport Public Library January 7, 2019 in the Program Room at 6pm

The Newport Waterfront Commission would like to announce and invite concerned citizens to a public workshop to discuss proposed changes to the Newport harbor mooring ordinance. Proposed changes are expected to be voted into law late January 2019

We will be showing a powerpoint presentation on the proposed changes and listening to questions and concerns. The Commission will be presenting material with the help of the Newport Maritime Alliance.

Several of the changes will possibly be controversial and I think it is important that the public is properly notified. I have ttached a notice of meeting and the updated ordinance from the city solicitors office. The document from the solicitors office is as he wanted it distributed to the public. Would you be willing to publish the announcement on Whats up Newport? Or possibly an article, I would be happy to discuss the changes with you, or answer any questions you may have. 

Updated/Proposed New Ordinance