On November 30, 2018, The Greenlove Foundation dedicated it’s fifteenth water bottle filling station(“WBFS”) at Guiteras Elementary School in Bristol.

The Greenlove Foundation was founded in memory of Kendra L. Bowers who was an environmental science student at UVM. Kendra’s infectious passion to preserve and protect our land encouraged others to admire and to enjoy the beauty the Earth. The foundation continues to fulfill her life’s dream of protecting and taking care of the Earth by encouraging others to reduce single use plastic bottles and to carry a reusable water bottle.

The assembly was lead by principal, Cindy Sadler, in the Guiteras gym that was filled with
colorful handmade posters of recycling, reduction of plastic usage, and awareness to protect the earth by students. The assembly of jubilant students and teachers were clad in blue and green to represent water and earth.

An elaborate poster on the, “RI PLASTIC PROBLEM”, was constructed and some of the students explained the effects of plastic pollution affecting our waterways, landfills and ecosystem. An enthusiastic group sung a school song, This School Is Good for You And Me, written by fifth grader, Knorch Julien, with a stanza on recycling, keeping the water and air clean, and helping our garden grow. A short video of how to properly use the WBFS was played and an environmental awareness skit was performed by the enthusiastic students on how to use the cafeteria recycling station.

Also, two videos, “The Life Cycle Of A Plastic Bottle” and “How Much Plastic Is in The Ocean?” were shown and the students elaborated the highlights and important details of the videos to the assembly.

A Student Leadership Team was formed with goals to “Support Green Initiative” around the
school which includes the following:

  • Monitor and educate students regarding lunch room recycling
  • Collected used water bottles for a 4th grade project
  • Collected suggestions and ideas for a new school green garden.

Each student will be given a reusable Guiteras water bottle with a waterproof label that has
their name on it. The reusable bottles were purchased with Feinstein Institute funds.

The Greenlove Foundation, to date, has donated 15 water bottle filling stations in schools,
parks and conservation areas throughout Rhode Island including one in the South Carolina
Aquarium. The Foundation also sponsors a young girl of limited means to attend a summer
sleepover camp in the White Mountains of NH.

For more information about the Greenlove Foundation, visit www.greenlovefoundation.org.


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