Pell Bridge Run

Newport, RI – The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA)has announced that starting Monday, November 26th, there will be a lane closure on the Newport Pell Bridge to complete an ongoing construction project.

Update: November 28th – Hours for westbound closure on Pell Bridge have been amended to exclude evening rush hours

Traffic will be reduced to a single lane westbound for approximately 1,000 feet on the Newport side of the bridge.

The lane closure is scheduled to stay in place from Monday, November 26th at 4:00 am until Thursday, November 29th at 2:00 PM. The project includes the pouring of concrete, so weather can impact the duration of the project and lane closure.

The rainy weather over the last several weeks has delayed the project, according to RIBA. In order to complete the project this construction season, the contractor will be bringing in a heater to ensure that the newly poured concrete maintains at proper curing temperature. The contractor will be working 24 hours a day during this period to accomplish this work.

The work involves completing the final stage of the concrete safety walk renovations on the north side of the bridge. This work has been ongoing during the 2018 construction season and involved the demolition of the original walkway, the repair of the existing rebar embedded in the concrete, and the pouring of a new concrete walkway.