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To the Editor:

Back in 2016 a politically savvy friend and colleague whose opinions I respect advised me, “You should meet Jamie Bova, she’s running for City Council.” Jamie and I met to talk about why she was running and what
her platform was. She impressed me because I liked what she said but also because of her character and her way of expressing herself. So I voted for Jamie and I urged other people to vote for her.

During her first term as At-Large City Councilor Jamie learned quickly; it was her first elected office. I watched her gradually establish herself as someone who asks the questions that help me understand how the Council makes its decisions. And her clear-headed, logical approach to complicated problems is reassuring as well as refreshing. I expect her training as an electrical engineer allows her to see how problems can be defined more simply, to be solved step-by-step.

Now I count on Jamie’s straightforward, no-nonsense style of leadership. I also admire her ability to empathize with all variety of her constituents as they face the challenges of life in Newport. It matters to
me that she is young and will have to live with the consequences of the City’s decisions far longer than those of us in my generation. This year I will vote for Jamie Bova on November 6th again; I urge you to do the same.

Isabel Griffith