Rhode Island State House

At a Special meeting of the Newport Democratic City Committee on June 19, 2018, the following Democratic Candidates for public office were endorsed:

  • U. S. Senate                                                            Sheldon Whitehouse
  • U.S. Congress                                                         David N. Cicilline
  • Governor                                                                Gina Raimondo
  • Lt. Governor                                                           Aaron Regunberg
  • Secretary of State                                                 Nellie Gorbea
  • General Treasurer                                                 Seth Magaziner
  • Attorney General                                                  Peter Neronha
  • State Senate, District 12                                       Louis Di Palma
  • State Senate, District 13                                       Dawn Euer
  • State Representative, District 73                        Marvin Abney
  • State Representative, District 75                        Lauren Carson

The Newport Democratic City Committee believes that these Slate of Candidates are most qualified and ready to serve the citizens of Rhode Island and Newport with distinction and effectiveness.

“They have demonstrated their concern about the wide range of issues that are most important to all people. They are committed to improving our economy, our schools, and our environment. Their dedication to public service is in evidence in the work they have done on our behalf,” a press release from the committee states.

“NDCC urges the voters of the City of Newport to support these candidates in the September Primary, where applicable, and in the November Election. We all realize how much is at stake with the dubious, oftentimes, outrageous, manner in which the Trump Administration has attempted to govern. Our message must be crystal clear: These disgraceful, cruel, arrogant, insensitive, unconstitutional policies and procedures will not be tolerated,” states the committee.

“The Democratic Party has a long and distinguished history of promoting such programs as Social Security, Medicare, GI Bill, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Fair Housing Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Head Start, Small Business Administration Act, the Affordable Healthcare Care Act, Pell Grants, Clean Air Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Freedom of Information Act,” the committee concludes.

  1. Clement Cicilline