With as many as four matches in play at the same time, Hamilton Harbour is a crowded racecourse when some crews are sailing upwind and others downwind (©Charles Anderson/RBYC photo).

Taylor Canfield’s USone Sailing Team completed a clean sweep of the Round Robin at the 68th Argo Group Gold Cup.

Canfield and crew Mike Buckley, Victor Diaz de Leon, George Peet and Erik Shampain continued the winning ways they started yesterday and finished 10-0. They advance to Friday’s Quarterfinal Round where they’ll choose their opponent.

“All around the course everyone is really tuned in and always looking to gain,” said Canfield. “We just try to keep sailing as best we can, hit the shifts and never let a small deficit get to us. You have to keep pushing when you’re ahead because it can turn bad at any moment.”

Also advancing to the quarterfinals are crews skippered by Johnie Berntsson (9-1, 8.5 points), Joachim Aschenbrenner (8-2) and Nicklas Dackhammar (6-4), in that order.

The remaining seven crews led by skippers Lucy MacGregor (6-4), Torvar Mirsky (5-5), Charlie Laulimere (4-6), Marek Stanczyk (2-8), Ettore Botticini (2-8), Sam Gilmour (2-8, 1.5 points) and Chris Poole (1-9) advanced to the Repechage Round.

After the first three of seven scheduled flights, Lalumiere streaked out to a 3-0 lead, followed by MacGregor at 2-0, Mirsky at 2-1, Botticini at 1-1, Gilmour at 1-2, Stanczyk at 0-2 and Poole at 0-3.

Today’s conditions weren’t an exact carbon copy of yesterday’s but they were similar enough to provide plenty of horsepower for the crews. The south/southeasterly blew 10 to 15 knots and was shifty enough that no lead was safe.

MacGregor won her two Repechage Round matches after trailing in each and Lalumiere also posted a come-from-behind win over Gilmour. Lalumiere won the match on the finish line when he was able to squeak past and nudge his bow over the line while Gilmour was incurring a penalty.

“He was trying to offset a penalty on us but we went inside and he got another one,” said Lalumiere. “I thought we should’ve gotten the penalty, but it went to him.”

As Gilmour noted, “You can come from 500 meters behind and win a race in these conditions. There are plenty of opportunities on the racecourse.”

Tomorrow’s schedule calls for the Repechage Round to be completed in the morning followed by the Pro-Am in the afternoon. The four matches of the Quarterfinal Round are scheduled for Friday.

The Argo Group Gold Cup is sponsored by the Argo Group, an international underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance products in areas of the property and casualty market. Additional sponsors include the Bermuda Tourism AuthorityBacardiGuy CarpenterRenaissanceRe and Aon Benfield.

1. Taylor Canfield (Miami, Florida, USA) – 10-0
Crew: Mike Buckley, Victor Diaz de Leon, George Peet, Erik Shampain
2. Johnie Berntsson (Stennungsund, Sweden) – 9-1, 8.5 points
Crew: Oscar Angervall (trimmer), Björn Lundgren (main trim), Robert Skarp (bow/tactics)
3. Joachim Aschenbrenner (Fredensborg, Denmark) – 8-2
Crew: Ian Coleman, Will Mackenzie, Rob Scrivenor
4. Nicklas Dackhammar (Gothenburg, Sweden) – 6-4
Crew: Olof Lundgren, Eric Malmberg, Jakob Wilson
5. Lucy MacGregor (Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom) – 6-4
Crew: Bethan Cardin, Hannah Diamond, Annie Lush, Kate MacGregor
6. Torvar Mirsky (Perth, Western Australia) – 5-5
Crew: Lachy Gilmour (tactics), Cameron Seagreen (trimmer), Graeme Spence (bow)
7. Charlie Lalumiere (New York, NY, USA) – 4-6
Crew: Scott Ewing, Bleddon Mon, Ian Storck
8. Marek Stanczyk (Gizycko, Poland) – 2-8
Crew: Stefaniuk Jedrzej, Jakob Pawluk, Michal Szmul
9. Ettore Botticini (Porto Santo Stefano, Italy) – 2-8
Crew: Simone Busonero, Andrea Fornaro, Lorenzo Gennari
10. Sam Gilmour (Perth, Western Australia) – 2-8, 1.5 points
Crew: Adam Negri, Keith Swinton, Pat Voss
11. Chris Poole (Falmouth, Maine, USA) – 1-9
Crew: Brian McMarton, Trent Turigliatto, Ryan Zupon

1. Lalumiere – 3-0
2. MacGregor – 2-0
3. Mirsky – 2-1
4. Botticini – 1-1
5. Gilmour – 1-2
6. Stanczyk – 0-2
7. Poole – 0-3