Newport Pell Bridge

Motorists traveling over the Newport Pell Bridge this holiday weekend will enjoy the view of an American flag suspended from the west tower of the Bridge. In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) will fly the flag starting Friday afternoon, May 25th through Tuesday, May 29th.

UPDATE: Tear forces RITBA forced to remove American Flag from Pell Bridge earlier than expected

This is not the first time for RITBA, an American flag was flown on the Mount Hope Bridge for Flag Day in June of 2017. The American flags on each Bridge will be featured for significant American holidays and celebrations. You can see a full list of dates that the flags will be flown here.

Travelers driving over the bridges will now be able to witness the prominent display of the flags as a stunning exhibit of patriotism, spirit, and local history