Since 2009, Pulse Newport has driven hundreds of folks to the beach to get fit.  This year, they have even more options, and one indoor bootcamp for those who prefer not to exercise outside.

We recently caught up with Jacki Lane, Owner of Pulse Newport (Studio & Gym) and Bellevue Barre Studio, to learn more about Pulse Newport’s Beach Bootcamp.

 “A lot of people ask me what the difference is between coming to class, working out on your own, or joining a bootcamp – specifically BEACH bootcamp – in getting amazing fitness results,” Jacki wrote.

Jacki outlines the benefit of Pulse Newport’s Beach Bootcamp below;


Research shows that working out early in the am is the BEST to see results, you ramp up your EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) or in easy words AFTERBURN by spiking your heart rate – and this effect can last up to two days.  It’s also harder to miss a morning workout when life gets in the way.


Know the feeling of loading your stuff to the beach to relax? It’s exhausting, right?  Now, combine that feeling with a workout for an intensity level that’s up to 20% harder than hard surface or gym workouts due to the shifting sand.  Sand can also improve balance, joint strength and lower the damage of impact based exercise.


The group fitness mentality “If they can do this, so can I or at least I’ll try that much harder!”  At Pulse, we always coach a workout for the FITTEST athlete in our group, while offering non-judgmental options for those not as fit in certain areas as others.

One research showed that people who work out with a friend have a 6.3 percent dropout rate, where those who work out solo are up at 43%.


There’s no more beautiful gym in Newport, no more needs saying on that!  Second Beach, Surfer’s End is your gym for summer.


Wallace J. Nichols wrote a book called “Blue Mind” about the positive effects of being on or near the ocean.  “I wondered whether water is a mirror for our darker emotions as much as it is an engine for our happiness. Water quiets all the noise, all the distractions, and connects you to your own thoughts.”


We’ve found that bootcamp participants lose between 10 and 20% of their original body fat when they join a camp.  The most results are pretty much always at the beach.


The camp was created as an all-inclusive overhaul to your health program.  We start with a body composition analysis, before photo, and measurement session.  You get a camper tee shirt designed specifically each year for our campers.  Your trainer provides meal tips and reviews your personal nutrition through an online journal. They provide homework assignments to keep you moving & losing the whole time.  Your friends in camp start to look for you and heckle you when you miss.  New this summer, you’ll have bonus workouts added at the brand new Pulse Gym!  And there’s usually a PRIZE – most body fat lost in our summer session gets the next one FREE!


Balance on Thames is offering a 20% discount to any participants of Pulse Newport’s Beach Bootcamps to purchase a NEW spring workout outfit ~~ AND a 20% discount off the bathing suit they might buy at the end of camp!


We have all levels at beach camp – walkers, runners, elite athletes.  If you’re comfortable with modifying to suit your level, Pulse Trainers will provide those for you.  Here’s an advanced workout we pull out a new twist on each summer:


6 cones are set up approximately 30 feet apart

Campers run/walk/jog to the first cone, do 5-15 pushups (depending on level), sprint back to the start & out to cone 2 and repeat pushups… do this at all 6 cones then run up the hill to Tuckerman Ave & back down.

Round 2 – 20 mountain climbers at each cone

Round 3 – 20 squat jumps at each cone

Round 4 – Repeat all three moves at each cone


Campers who travel or miss a session or two can make up missed workouts in the other classes that their trainer teaches.


Pulse offers $25 off your camp if you refer a new camper, and for some trainers, there’s now a $199 per person join with a buddy special for new campers.