On March 5, 2018, members of the Greenlove Foundation were present at the Aquidneck Elementary School assembly for the 11th dedication ceremony of a water bottle filling station in memory of environmental science student, Kendra L Bowers, who was known as the “green police” to her family and friends. A group of creative and energetic third graders dressed as the “green police” entertained over 400 students, faculty and parents. The students sang songs (written by their talented teachers) that reflected one of the many goals of the foundation to eliminate single bottle water use. A teacher gave an environmental presentation on ways to conserve water and change people’s habits to improve our earth.

In the fall of 2017, the third grade students were asked to write a paper on environmental solutions and actions to help make our world a healthier and cleaner place. One student, Jack Corr, wrote about the amount of plastic bottles that were used and discarded in the school every day and proposed that a water bottle filling station be installed to eliminate this problem. The student suggested contacting the Greenlove Foundation. Through the efforts of a highly motivated and supportive group of teachers, students, and parents, the water bottle filling station was donated by the Greenlove Foundation. One of the many goals of the foundation is to work with teachers and students to implement environmental education programs in schools for the preservation and protection of our land resources.

As a result of AES community’s efforts and Greenlove’s partnership, the school has become more aware of the need to take care of our Earth. They have initiated a skipping the straw campaign, evaluated the amount of trash disposed, and are committed to using reusable water bottles in order to make a difference for our planet.

The Feinstein Foundation generously donated a reusable water bottle to every Aquidneck Elementary School student.

It is the eleventh water bottle filling station that Greenlove has donated, the majority installed in a Rhode Island school.

“Look at the land with wide eyes and a careful touch” a quote by Kendra Bowers. For more information contact: www.greenlovefoundation.org.