Alternative rock’s essence is capturing an emotion that doesn’t need fancy production or flashy sounds. Just a guitar, a bass, and a rhythm section will do along with the proper amount of amplification. The Lincoln Tunnel out of Providence achieves that with their sophomore album Phone This One In, which was put out via the Warren-based label 75orLess Records on December 7. Christian Caldarone leads the cavalry with his crooning voice and raw strums on the guitar. There’s also a powerpop sheen that’s adorned within the album from start to finish.

Keith Menard backs up Caldarone on lead guitar while his brother John blends his skills on bass with Mike Tomasso’s drumming. The musical tightness exhibited throughout Phone This One In is genuinely impressive. Caldarone’s lyrics are hard-hitting and honest to the point where there’s no confusion on what he’s really singing about. It’s an unapologetic and old-school take on a style that’s been continuously evolving since the early ‘80s. The Lincoln Tunnel’s new album can be enjoyed by music lovers both young and old.

Starting the album off is “Time’s Wasting” with Caldarone shouting at the top of his lungs. “Bedroom Eyes” has a pop-rock aesthetic while also having a consistent breakbeat. It echoes the songwriting of Paul Westerberg and Robert Pollard and it also maintains a bit of originality. Fitting for the holiday season, “Stay In Bed (This Christmas)” is a conflict of nostalgia and reality. Keith Menard has a sweet guitar solo that shines through too.

This rad band has a show coming up at Alchemy in Providence on December 28 with Boston rock act If We Go At All and fellow locals Nate Cozzolino & The Lost Arts and The Ghosts Of Industry. While you’re at the show, get a copy of Phone This One In. It’s real rock music with a lot of heart.

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