Portsmouth Resident Coyotes

In light of the recent increase in sightings of coyotes throughout the Newport, Newport City Manager Joe Nicholson is reminding residents that City Ordinance, Chapter 6.12, prohibits the feeding of, or providing an attractant for, non-domesticated animals, that includes coyotes.

“Coyote management studies have shown that the most effective tool in limiting human/coyote interactions is to eliminate food sources in populated areas. Foods provided near human activity result in coyotes becoming habituated to people and in the animals becoming bold and approaching people for food (including small pets)”, the City of Newport posted on Engage Newport. “These food sources include: residential food sources such as low level bird feeders, outdoor pet or feral cat feeding stations; unsecured pet food storage areas; unattended small, injured or prey-sized animals; unsecured trash cans, recycling bins and dumpsters; easily accessible home composting bins; agricultural food sources such as fruit and produce, chickens, other small animals and livestock; and non-migratory bird flocks such as Canada geese”.

Engage Newport is a communication initiative of the city of Newport and encourages residents to share, get involved, and voice their opinion on city-wide projects and plans.

“Eliminating food subsidies that attract coyotes and their presence in residential areas will reduce the potential for human and pet encounters with coyotes. If no food is available, coyotes will occupy natural habitats such as meadows and forests, in order to forage for food. Additionally, studies have shown that food availability affects the reproductive rate of coyotes and limits the density of animals in a geographic area,” the City states.

Additional information is available on the City’s website: http://www.cityofnewport.com/departments/police/animal-control

A public informational meeting, with a presentation by Dr. Numi Mitchell of Narragansett Bay Coyote Study, has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 1, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, Newport City Hall, 43 Broadway.