In a letter to the editor, Newport Mayor Harry Winthrop endorsed Mike Smith for Senate District 13 (Newport, Jamestown) on Wednesday.

“Rarely do I venture into partisan politics but I am compelled to do so in the District 13 Senate race. I am supporting the business oriented, jobs focussed candidate, moderate Mike Smith,” said Winthrop in a news release provided by the Smith campaign. “Progress in this state can only be achieved when moderates in both parties come together in the middle for reasonable solutions. The extreme progressive agenda that is being supported by his opponent does not even attempt to come back to the center. If enacted, the progressive agenda will cost taxpayers billions of dollars in additional spending. I urge all Newporters to vote on August 22nd and support the moderate candidate, Mike Smith”.

Smith will face off against Democratic candidate Dawn Euer, Green Party candidate Gregory Larson and Independent candidate Kim Ripoli in a Special Election to fill the seat formerly held by M. Teresa Paiva Weed on Tuesday, August 22nd.

“The Mike Smith Team is honored to receive this key endorsement ahead of next Tuesday’s election. We thank the Mayor for his kind words and for echoing what we’ve been saying for months: That Newport and Jamestown need a business-oriented, family-oriented, common-sense moderate Senator to represent us in the most effective way possible up at the State House. That candidate is Mike Smith, and we’re glad Mayor Winthrop agrees”, Smith’s campaign said in the release.