The Breakers Newport RI
The Breakers (Photo via The Preservation Society of Newport County)

36 Hours in Newport RI is enough time to see museums, go swimming or boating, sleep in luxury and eat very well. It is also the name of a new website,,  offering free promotion of Newport and Bristol County events, activities, businesses, attractions, eateries, artisans, musicians, tour providers, arts and entertainment –  just about anyone who has something to offer visitors.

Seven of Newport’s major museums are jointly sponsoring this new tourism marketing site, and it will sell the first-ever combination tickets to the museums at a greatly reduced price. Audrain Automobile Museum, International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum, Newport Art Museum, Newport Restoration Foundation, Redwood Library & Athenaeum, The Preservation Society of Newport County and Touro Synagogue Foundation have partnered to create the site, which grew out of Catalyzing Newport, a project of the van Beuren Charitable Foundation and the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.

In addition to content posted by local residents and businesses, will offer links to other valuable sites such as Discover Newport’s restaurant and lodging pages, the state tourism website, as well as municipal information from the cities and towns, links to commercial and government boating and maritime websites, local radio and TV weather and road conditions reports and a range of other sources.

“This is a great opportunity to collaborate with the local communities and other museums to get the word out about all the great things to do and see in Newport,” said David de Muzio, Executive Director of the Audrain Automobile Museum.

“The International Tennis Hall of Fame is excited to be a part of 36 Hours in Newport!” said CEO Todd Martin. “Like our partner museums, we are committed to providing our visitors with a great experience, and with access to seven museums with one ticket, 36 Hours in Newport provides maximum value. We are confident that this collaboration will be beneficial for Newport and its many visitors.”

“Newport offers a richness of cultural amenities, which become exponentially more compelling when experienced as a whole,” remarked the Newport Art Museum’s Executive Director, Norah Diedrich. “The Art Museum features the works of artists from the 18th century to the present within historically significant buildings, in addition to offering art classes for all ages, public programs, and special events. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the 36 Hours in Newport initiative and hope those who visit our noteworthy institutions return often.”

“The Newport Restoration Foundation is delighted to participate in this collaboration and to feature our signature museum, Doris Duke’s Rough Point, with all of its fine and decorative arts collections and spectacular site and gardens,” noted Wendy Nicholas, NRF’s Interim Executive Director. “Newport has such extraordinary treasures, some well-known, many hidden gems. It’s a great place to explore.”

Benedict Leca, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Redwood Library & Athenaeum, added: “As an enlightenment port city, Newport has always been a cosmopolitan center mixing tradition and global contemporary culture. As an institution this is what the Redwood believes in. This is why we believe in the benefits of the 36 Hours in Newport website, joining with six other prominent museums to efficiently direct visitors to whatever they seek, be it historical understanding or the best burger in town.”

“The van Beuren Charitable Trust and RICH deserve credit for convening this project,” said CEO & Executive Director Trudy Coxe of The Preservation Society of Newport County.  “We invite the entire community to participate. This is intended to be a place for all of us to rave about the things we love about Newport.”

“Touro Synagogue, a building of exquisite beauty and design, steeped in history and ideals, and one of the most historically significant buildings in America, was designated a National Historic Site in 1946. Each year thousands of visitors cross its threshold to see the magnificent interior and hear its remarkable story. As the oldest synagogue in the United States, Touro stands as a symbol of religious freedom for all Americans,” said Meryle Cawley, Site Director, Touro Synagogue Foundation. “We are proud to be a part of 36 Hours in Newport.”

Evan Smith, President & CEO of Discover Newport, said “Discover Newport would like to commend these seven independent attractions for working collaboratively to develop a new attractions pass. The new pass will allow travelers to experience, explore and enjoy many of Newport’s impressive cultural attractions through the ease of a single pass.”

Erin Donovan-Boyle, Executive Director of the Newport County Chamber of Commerce, added “The historic and cultural attractions of Newport County are huge economic generators for our community both directly and indirectly.  I’m thrilled to see some of our anchor institutions banding together to continue to promote our area as the first class destination that it is, and to offer tremendous opportunities for our local businesses and residents to accentuate all of our local attributes.  This investment will prove to generate even more interest in Newport County, to the benefit of the entire community.”

The seven museums will each market the site through their digital media. The site’s content will be moderated so that only constructive contributions are posted. It is free for people who want to post useful, engaging, fun content about our corner of Rhode Island and New England. You can rave about your favorite place, activity, or hobby. But to participate, you must be positive and offer real value. No personal messages will be allowed.   The Preservation Society is funding the first year of operation and the site is expected to become self-sustaining in 2018.