When photographer Patrick Murphy first began his journey as an artist, he knew that one-day, he would help artists alike begin theirs. Now, three years later, Murphy is well on his way to doing so.

On June 3rd, Murphy celebrated the grand opening of his personal gallery, The King’s Lens and Friends. The gallery is home to an array of photographs whose content ranges from crystal clear Hawaiian swells to local Newport scenery and seascapes. In addition to showcasing his own work, Murphy’s gallery offers other local artists the opportunity to showcase theirs.

“When I first started as an artist, I didn’t have a gallery of my own or really any idea of how to run one,” says 24-year old Newport native, Patrick Murphy. “My career started through pop-up galleries, my first was at Mission, a local burger joint in Newport. For two years I was ‘popping up’ all over town, each time gaining more experience on running a gallery. This has led to me running my own full-time gallery, with a twist.”

Inspired by the opportunities and education provided by pop-up galleries, Murphy adopted the idea and put in into play in his own gallery. While The King’s Lens and Friends showcases Murphy’s photographs, it also serves as a host for local artists’ pop-up galleries. Located at 7 Carroll Ave, the revolving art boutique features a different artist each week. Already off to a strong start, the gallery is booked through July and August with artists to display their locally crafted brands, such as Tora, Imsy Swimwear, Lazuli Handcrafted, and Jessica Cabral’s “Es Jessa” line.

A look inside King Lens & Friends, located at 7 Carroll Ave. in Newport

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of local businesses like Mission and Brick Alley Pub who hosted me as a pop-up artist,” says Murphy. “My hope is that my gallery gives local artists a place to display and sell their work while simultaneously teaching them how to run a gallery of their own. I want to support locals to chase their dreams like others have supported me.”

Now that Murphy’s passion for helping artists like him is in full motion, the entrepreneur has his sights set on another dream of his, hosting a local music festival. For years, Murphy has stood in the audience of local music events such as the Newport Folk Festival and the Newport Jazz Festival. During this time, Murphy noticed something; the participants in these festivals were rarely local artists of Newport.

In another authentic effort to support going local, Murphy and business partner Jamie Horozsko have collaborated with Mission to create the Live Local Music & Arts Festival, Newport’s first music event to solely feature local participants. A dream come true for Murphy, the event will take place on Thursday, August 3rd from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Attendees of ages 5+ are invited to gather at 21 Farewell Street, on the Lawn of The Great Friends Meeting House to indulge in the music of local Newport artists such as Camden Murphy, Nico Franc, The Z-Boys, and many others.

In addition, the event will host a variety of local artists and vendors who will be selling art and other natively made products, such as the gallery’s neighboring business, Harvest Inc.

“This event has not only been a dream of mine for years, but it also brings my journey as an artist full circle,” says Murphy. “Live Local will take place directly across the street from Mission, the location of my first pop gallery three years ago and the people who have supported me from the beginning. ”

For Patrick Murphy, a dream has come true right across the street from where it started. The photographer, gallery owner, and entrepreneur is well on his way to becoming a Newport sensation and leaving a long-term impact on what it really means to go local. Keep an eye out for The King’s Lens and his Friends this summer, as they are most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

To learn more about this event, visit https://www.livelocalnpt.com. Tickets will be sold online for $15 and for $20 at the door.  A list of participating artists and vendors can be viewed on the website, as well as the lineup of musical performers.

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