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The following Letter To The Editor, Press Release has been submitted by Michael “Mike” Smith, Republican Candidate for Senate District 13 (Newport, Jamestown).

Michael “Mike” Smith spotlights special interest money pouring into Jamestown and Newport ahead of July 10th debate

Special Interests and PACs from all over the state are attempting to sway the voters toward the status quo.

Ahead of the July 10th debate at the Jane Pickens Theater tonight at 5:30pm, hosted by WhatsUpNewp, Michael “Mike” Smith threw a spotlight on the tens of thousands of dollars being poured into the campaign of democrats.

“As a candidate, it worries me that so many groups from across the state suddenly have an interest in this race, and are throwing thousands of dollars to sway it one way or another.”, said Michael Smith. As a community member, it worries me that out of state donors, PACs, and special interest groups may try to influence the outcome of this election. Collectively, tens of thousands of dollars have been poured into the coffers of all the major democratic candidates.”

Commenting further, Michael said the following: “These PACs and special interest groups are invested in the status quo politics we’ve grown so tired of and we deserve better. As the only candidate who can bring real change, I have refused any and all PAC or special interest money. The only interests that matter to me are that of Jamestown and Newport taxpayers, and those of the small businesses that are the backbone to a good economy with good paying jobs.”

To learn more about Michael Smith and his campaign to bring a voice of reason and a focus on small-business back to the State House, follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/ votemikesmith.com, on twitter, www.twitter.com/votemikesmith, or find us on the web at www.votemikesmith.com.

Editor’s Notes:

The Senate District 13 Candidate Forum will take place tonight (July 10th) at Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public.


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