opinion Newport Rhode Island

Tuesday, July 18th  a primary will be held, to determine our representative in the Rhode Island General Assembly.  The seat was vacated by Senator Teresa Paiva Weed.  Many have said, “they are big shoes to fill.”

We have no lack of candidates; however one certainly does rise above the rest.  Based on experience, knowledge, and commitment to the community David Hanos would be an excellent choice as our next state senator to represent Newport and Jamestown.

David was raised and educated in Newport.  He chose to build a home in Newport, raise his family, and give back to the  community through service as the Chairman of the Newport School Committee.  He shown he can work well with others and move in a positive direction for the benefit of all.

David Hanos has worked tirelessly on behalf of the students  in the  county-wide program of Career Technical Department at  Rogers High School.  Enrollment is at an all-time high.   He has continued to communicate with Council in regard to the development of future careers, and has been supportive of the city’s innovation efforts.  Let’s send him to Providence to assist the needs of families in Newport and Jamestown.

David Hanos is the right person for the job.

~ Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Former Mayor of Newport and currently a Newport City Councilor At-Large