opinion Newport Rhode Island

Providing a good quality education for all is critical to a well-functioning democracy. A good public education also ensures that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. I was educated in public schools from kindergarten through college when I earned my BA. I understand the value that a public education offers.

We need to invest in a 21st Century education for our children. The same lack of continued investment in our infrastructures is also affecting our schools. School buildings are in dire need of repair, which results in inadequate learning environments all over Rhode Island. We must ensure that our schools are properly maintained and that our students are in buildings that are conducive to learning.

I want our children to leave school feeling prepared for the real world whether they go off to college, study in the trades or join the workforce. We must work to make sure we are helping our children develop the necessary soft skills that are so often critical to getting a job.

I support increased investment in higher education and making college more affordable. Cuts to higher education over the last several decades have pushed college out of reach for many Rhode Islanders. Particularly because we have a different economy than we did 20 years ago that requires higher degrees and more investment in career and technical education to ensure that our children are prepared for the workforce. I worked my way through college and when I graduated from law school it was with the burden of tens of thousands of dollars of debt of which I am still paying off. We can do better.

I am committed to making sure our district is well represented and will work for a funding formula that is fair and equitable.

Dawn Euer is a Democratic Candidate for Senate District 13 (Newport, Jamestown).