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Part of my work as a teacher was encouraging students to discover their interests and to follow those interests with passion. Once those students discovered what they were passionate about, my advice was always the same–get involved.

One of my greatest joys in teaching came from being able to connect my students with opportunities related to their interests and then watching as they progressed and flourished in those endeavors.

Years ago I knew that politics was a passion of mine, and I was looking to get involved in some capacity, which is when I found the RI Young Democrats. This organization’s goal is to help get young people involved in the political process. During my two years as Membership Director, I took great joy in helping young people with a passion find a place where they could engage in the political process, find a way to expand their skills and talents, and, most importantly, make a difference in their communities.

On this campaign I am truly grateful for the support I’ve found from friends, old and new, who share that goal of engaging with and improving our community. One of the bright spots has been the young people reaching out and getting involved with this campaign.

From my first campaign meeting, I have had former students and other young people volunteering their time and talents. It remains a joy for me to watch young people discover their passions and connect with opportunities and people that can share that passion. I’m truly glad that this campaign is allowing young people to get involved with the political process, and, should I have the opportunity to represent this district, one of my goals will be continuing to find way to engage young people in our state and local government.

David Allard

Democratic Candidate for Senate

District 13

Ryan M. Belmore

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