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The author of this op-ed is Dawn Euer, Democratic Candidate for Senate District 13 – Jamestown & Newport. The views and opinions expressed within are those of the author and not necessarily those of What’sUpNewp, our contributors or our advertisers.

Dear Neighbor:

During law school, I moved to Newport and fell in love. I love being close to the ocean; the history; the international feel arising from the sailing culture and the ebbs and flows of tourism; and the deep engagement of the year-round residents, local businesses, nonprofit and civic groups. I knew this was where I belonged and it has been my home ever since.

When this senate seat became vacant I thought a lot about my connection and commitment to this community and what the vacancy meant for Jamestown and Newport. Unfortunately, we’re at a point in time when politics have become bitter and divisive with people feeling frustrated and disconnected from their government. As a woman who owns my own law practice and has been involved in local advocacy for years, I know we deserve better.

We must continue to grow and diversify our economy while recognizing and supporting the small businesses and workers that are the backbone of our economy. We need to streamline the regulatory process that can sometimes prevent small businesses and entrepreneurs from getting their businesses started and being successful.

We need to invest in our workforce, and support one another in developing the skills needed to keep up with a changing economy. It is critical for the future success of Rhode Island to invest in jobs training programs and our public institutions to make college more affordable.

We are known for our small businesses, historic properties, parks, open space and access to the ocean. We need to protect them and our residents by addressing the impacts of sea-level rise, climate change and coastal flooding and investing in green infrastructure, resilient design, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

We must do more to ensure that all of our children are getting a quality education and that the schools they’re in are adequate learning environments and aren’t crumbling or in disrepair.

These are big challenges and we need to come together to work towards solutions. We can accomplish all these things, and more, when there are qualified people in government working hand in hand with the communities they represent. I am committed to this community and will be this person.

That’s why I am running for Senate. I hope to earn your vote in the Democratic Primary on July 18.

Dawn Euer, Esq.

Democratic Candidate for Senate District 13 – Jamestown & Newport

Ryan M. Belmore

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